Waiting at the airport for his parents to return from a month in Budapest. They had no reason to suspect anyone who looked like cartoon characters would be greeting them…

My Husband’s First Biological Child Does Not Make Him a First-Time Father

And Sunday was not his first Father’s Day. But (maybe) it is worth mentioning the difference this year.

Our big boys and I — showing off our tongue rolls. LOL

He has, in every way that matters, been a father to all our boys. Our big boys sometimes call him their “bonus-dad”. Our youngest calls him “Apja”. He calls each of them “my son”.

Dad dressed Baby this morning…

Szivem, happy Father’s Day to you! Feels a bit different this year, no? BTW, your youngest could use a diaper change…

I am everything that ever happened to me, in one pleasantly bizarre package: married with 3 boys, Aspie, & nerd. Ask me anything: it's always free to ask.

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